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Sound Design by George Stein

About Me

About Me

After 10 years of producing electronic music, I am now exploring the role of sound as an immersive storytelling device.


Working with Pro Tools, Serum and a field mic, I have redesigned some big moments in film and game audio involving various gore textures, creature noises and alien robotics. I am not using any Library Sounds to do so.

I am finding that there is a great carry over from my previous sound design experience. This is because I have always avoided loops and factory pre-sets so focussing on synthesis/audio manipulation from the ground up is something I have good experience of.


As you will hear in my showreel, all of my music is across energetic and fast-paced genres which reward ‘larger than life’ sound design and the redesigns I have done so far reflect this.

My goal is to work in house as a Sound Designer/Editor. Over 2023 I will continue to take on complex redesigns to demonstrate I am capable of delivering high quality, original audio content. I would be extremely appreciative of any feedback left below.

George Stein


Please see CV for a full breakdown of my audio experience

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