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Sound Design by George Stein

About Me

About Me

After 10 years of producing electronic music, I have now moved into audio post production and want nothing more than to make it my career. So far, I have had the chance to fit Foley and independently Sound Design content for a forthcoming Netflix show.

The above showreel ranges from creature noises to alien robotics and I have made everything from scratch. This is because I have always avoided loops and pre-sets in my music and want to demonstrate that I am capable of delivering high quality, original audio content.

I have also included some of my tracks which are built around larger than life sound design. I think that the experience I gained making these has had great carry over to my redesigns!

My goal is to work in house as a Sound Designer/Editor by the end of 2024. 

George Stein


Please see CV for a full breakdown of my audio experience

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